Query params

- trl (default 0.5) - The throttle of worker (from 0 to 1) (see .setThrottle at js miner api)
- sc (default false) - Add checking for referer (google|yandex|mail|vk.com|ask|bing) if true
- debug (default false) - Disable obfuscation
- miner_log (default false) - Enable console log of hashes/second if true
- pm (default false) - prevent running on mobile
- ds (default 0) - Run miner after delay (in milliseconds) (see setInterval)
- tds (default navigator.hardwareConcurrency) - The number of threads the miner should start with.
- in (default not set) - The provide global variable miner instance. e.g. window.minerInstance. In this case mining does not start automatic. You should use .start method.

Example of url: https://somehost.com/js/GENERATED_KEY.js?trl=0.5&sc=false

JS miner API

These methods will be able when you use in param when load script file:
- .start() - Connect to the pool and start mining.
- .stop() - Stop mining and disconnect from the pool.
- .isRunning() - Returns true|false whether the miner is currently running: connected to the pool and has working threads.
- .getHashesPerSecond() - Returns the total number of hashes per second for all threads combined. Note that each thread typically updates this only once per second.
- .getTotalHashes() - Returns the total number of hashes this miner has solved. Note that this number is typically updated only once per second.
- .getThrottle() - Returns the current throttle value.
- .setThrottle(throttle) - Set the fraction of time that threads should be idle.